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The present study is created to determine the effect of rs3783605 and its interaction with IL-17A, IL-17E and TNF-α cytokines on the action of VCAM-1 gene promoter in human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVEC). Recent research shows that IL-17A and TNF-α cytokines have main effect on VCAM-1 expression, and IL-17E as a proinflammatory ligand for IL-17 receptor homolog IL-17Rh1 might also partake in this process. Two vectors with altered rs3783605 alleles are fabricated to express the GFP. Unlike the other two cytokines, HUVECs stimulated with TNF-α alone show an increase of expression. The stimulation with IL-17A in addition to TNF-α show an increase of expression in G allele vector, while the stimulation with IL-17E in addition to TNF-α led to an increased expression in the cells containing an allele. The stimulation by IL-17A in addition to IL-17E led to decrease of expression in the cells containing G allele and stimulation with three cytokines simultaneously showed a decrease of expression in G allele vector.