Our publication ethics and publication malpractice statement are based on COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics) recommendation. Health Biotechnology and Biopharma (HBB) is seeking to ensure high-quality scientific publications in scientific findings. All reviewers and authors have to agree upon standards of ethical behaviour. We state the following principles of publication ethics and publication malpractice statement to achieve this goal and it is expected of authors, reviewers and editors that they follow guidelines on ethical behaviour.

• Peer review process


Articles submitted for possible publication in HBB are subjected to a double-blind, peer review process. Articles are first reviewed by editors. The editor may reject it out of hand because it is not in the scope of HBB journal or because it has a low quality so that it cannot be considered at all. Articles that are found suitable for review then sent to experts in the field of the paper. Reviewers’ comments are then sent to the corresponding author.

• Editors' Responsibilities:

•  Deciding which of the submitted manuscripts to the HBB journal should be published which are guided by the policies of the HBB journal.

• The possible decisions on articles include acceptance, acceptance with revisions or rejection.

• Editors should take their decisions based on originality and relevance to publication's scope of HBB journal.

• Editors should not allow any conflicts of interest between authors, reviewers.

• Providing new editorial board members and keeping existing editorial board members updated on new policies.

• Authors' Responsibilities :

•  Authors have to certify that their articles are their original work.

• Authors have to certify that the article has not previously been published elsewhere or is not currently being considered for publication elsewhere.

• The corresponding author should fill out the "Copyright Form" agreement including below statements by the corresponding author on behalf of all co-authors, to enable HBB to publish their work:

•The transfer of copyright gives HBB the right to develop, promote, distribute, and archive a body of scientific works throughout the world. The author hereby grants and assigns to HBB all rights in and to author’s work in and contributions to the work. In connection with this assignment, the author acknowledges that HBB will have the right to print, publish, and create derivative works, the work throughout the world, all rights in and to all revisions or versions or subsequent editions of the work in all languages and media throughout the world. The author(s), reserve the following rights: All proprietary rights other than copyrights, such as patent rights, The right to use part of this article, including tables and figures in future works of their own, provided that the proper acknowledgment is made to the journal/publisher as copyright holder. The right to make copies of this article for his/her own use, but not for sale. I warrant and represent that the work does not violate any proprietary or personal rights of others (including, without limitation, any copyrights or privacy rights); that the work is factually accurate and contains no matter libellous or otherwise unlawful; that I have participated in the writing scientific manuscript as an author . I further warrant and represent that I have no financial interest in the original research or any affiliation with an organization other than mentioned previously. I have the consent of each author to transfer and assign any and all right, title, and interest, including copyright of the article referenced above. I hereby assign and transfer to the HBB Journal copyright and all rights under it. I further confirm that this article has not been published elsewhere, nor is it under consideration by any other publisher. The author is responsible for the content of both the original and reviewed and edited manuscript, accuracy of references and quotes, and for any violations of the copyright agreement.

• The corresponding author on behalf of all co-authors must sign the "Copyright Form" agreement before the article can be processed.

• All authors mentioned in the article must have significantly contributed to the research.

• Authors must notify the editors of any conflicts of interest.

• Authors should ensure that all research articles they publish, conforms to internationally ethical guidelines.

• Authors should guarantee the quality of the articles and make corrections when needed.

• Authors are responsible for the contents of the articles and quality of the publication.

• Authors have to identify all sources used in the creation of their article.

• The corresponding author on behalf of all co-authors must approve their active participation in the publication process of their article.

• Authors have to report any errors they discover in their published paper to the editors.

• Authors should point out relevant published work that has not been cited yet.

• Reviewers' Responsibilities:

• Reviewers have to keep all information regarding articles confidential and treat them as privileged information.

• Reviewers must express their views clearly with supporting arguments.

• Reviewers must mention to the editor- in-chief any substantial similarity or overlap between the article under consideration and any other published papers.

• Reviewers must evaluate the articles based on content without regard to the authors’ race, age, gender, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, disability, religious belief, citizenship, political orientation or social class.

• Reviewers who are unable to provide a prompt review for an article, should inform the editor-in-chief to be excluded from the peer-review process.

• Reviewers should not review articles in which they have conflicts of interest resulting from competitive, collaborative, or other relationships or connections with any of the authors, companies, or institutions connected to the papers.

• Reviewers should express their views clearly with supporting arguments.

• Plagiarism


All articles published by Health Biotechnology and Biopharma (HBB) journal are committed to publishing only original material that has neither been published elsewhere, nor is under review elsewhere. Articles that are found to have been plagiarized from a paper by other authors, whether published or unpublished, won't publish in HBB journal.

• Third party repositories


All final accepted version of Health Biotechnology and Biopharma (HBB) articles are allowed to be published in public repositories upon proper and clear citation to our HBB journal.

• Duplicate Submission


If authors have used their own previously published study, or study that is currently under review, they are required to cite the previous paper and indicate how their submitted article offers novel contributions beyond those of the previous study.

• Author Contribution


All listed authors in the article must have made a significant contribution to the study and approved all its claims. This statement appears in the copyright form. The corresponding author have to fill out the copyright form to enable HBB to publish their work.