Document Type : Original Research Article


1 iraqi center for cancer and medical genetics research/ mustansiriyah university/ baghdad/ iraq

2 iraqi center for cancer and medical genetics research / mustansiriyah university/ baghdad/ iraq



Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) represented a highly respiratory syndrome to worldwide. Aim of current research was to determine the changes in hematology and inflammatory parameters into three categories: non-infected with COVID-19 as control groups, infected with COVID-19 and cured from the disease in Baghdad center. Current study was proved that the levels of hematology, inflammatory and liver enzymes were upregulated in infected with COVID-19 group and decreased to normal levels in cured groups. The Receiver Operating Characteristic curve (ROC) curve analysis presented that d-dimer marker and AST were the most accurate markers. The AUROC of d-dimer and AST were 0.747 and 0.760, respectively. And the OR 95 % CI of d-dimer and AST were (0.677-0.817) and (0.694-0.827), respectively. These findings give a highlight on d-dimer and AST as an important biomarkers in monitoring COVID-19 detection.


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