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The present study was conducted to evaluate the frequency of vaginitis based on Pap smear test in patients referred to the gynecology clinic of Milad and Sepahan hospitals in Isfahan. This study was descriptive-cross-sectional. The sampling method was census and all cases referred to the gynecology clinic of Sepahan and Milad hospitals in Isfahan for Pap smear. Data collection method was a pre-prepared questionnaire whose variables included: age (effective agent on genetic factors), clinical manifestations of the disease, level of education and type of vaginitis. Among our patients, 142 patients (70 %) had bacterial vaginitis, 40 patients (19.7 %) had candida and 21 patients (10.3 %) had Trichomonas vaginalis. According to the results of the study, no statistically significant difference was found between the frequency distribution of vaginitis by age, discharge, pruritus, frequency of urination, heartburn and education level. The results of this study showed a high prevalence of bacterial vaginitis compared to other types of vaginitis.