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Nowadays, cosmetic products are used excessively and there are cosmetic products in daily shopping basket of women. One of the public health issue is the possibility of transmission of pathogens by cosmetic products which are not standard and lead to an increase in the risk of various skin diseases and heavy metal toxicities. Herbs are important in traditional, modern cosmetic industries. Consumption of cosmetic products is common among different society. In the past years, the natural products such as Lamiaceae were used for cosmetic purposes. In Islamic medicine signs of usage of natural products for health purposes can be found such as Cedrus Libani, Allium sativum, Punica granatum. In modern medicine, plants such as Aloe vera are used in cosmetics. The use of cosmetics is a part of life for human society. Based on importance of natural products in traditional medicine and also most of the cosmetic products in the market are made of herb extracts and natural components, more attention should be paid to this issue.