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1 Universitas Indonesia

2 Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia, Jl. Salemba 6 jakarta pusat



Treatment of cartilage damage is not satisfactory mainly due to cartilage nature that is avascular, so that its nutrition only depends on the diffusion process, which does not support regeneration. One of the new approaches for regeneration of injured cartilage that have a future is tissue engineering. So far, there have been many clinical applications of tissue engineering in knee cartilage defects with varying results. However, it is not known, which method provides the best result. Therefore, this review highlighted the clinical applications of various tissue engineering methods in knee cartilage defects and compared the various procedures. Our result showed that the best healing results was tissue engineering using GelrinC, and the method that had the lowest side effects was tissue engineering using hydrogel-based autologous chondrocyte transplantation.


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