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Omentin is an adipocytokine that has anti-diabetic property. Genetic variations in ITLN-1 may affect blood glucose level by inactivating Akt/PKB signaling pathway. The aim of this study was to evaluate the association between ITLN-1 gene non-synonymous +326 A>T and synonymous +258 G>A polymorphisms with susceptibility to T2DM. Significant distribution observed in genotype frequency of +258G>A variants in T2DM patients and controls. Genetic models for co-dominant, dominant and recessive genotypes for +326 A>T and recessive genotype for +258 G>A were found capable of increasing the risk of T2DM. Allelic association analysis showed T-allele (+326 A>T) conferred higher risk of the diabetes. Results suggested that genetic variants of ITLN-1 may act as possible molecular targets for early diagnosis of T2DM in future.