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In this study, we investigated the anti-platelet activity of bergenin on platelet aggregation induced by collagen and ADP on blood sample of healthy volunteers (18–40 years). Blood sample was centrifuge and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) was carefully collected in tube. Lipoxygenase inhibition activity of bergenin was conducted by spectrophotometric method. In the absence of bergenin about 84 % platelet aggregations showed in PRP, while in its presences 100 % inhibition of platelet aggregation at 6.25 mM induced by collagen. While with the same concentration of bergenin, inhibited platelet aggregation was 91.88 % ± 5.14 induce by ADP. The IC50 values of antiplatelet effect of bergenin induced by collagen and ADP were 3.07mM ± 0.22 and 3.32mM ± 0.10, respectively. The study indicates that bergenin has potent antiplatelet activity to collagen and ADP induced aggregation.