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Biopharmaceuticals are drugs or vaccines, developed via biotechnology process. Biopharming is production of pharmaceuticals in live organisms. Different platforms can be used for biopharmaceuticals production. Prokaryotes, yeast, fungi, insect cells, mammalian cells, transgenic plants, and transgenic animals can be used for production of recombinant proteins.
Genentech, the first biotech company, gained FDA approval for recombinant human insulin in 1982. Nowadays, more than 200 approved biopharmaceuticals have been brought to market. The world's top pharmaceutical companies are producing biopharmaceuticals in their own factories. In Iran, there are twenty-three biopharmaceutical companies that produce about twenty-five biopharmaceutical products. Most of them formulate their products using active ingredients of other countries. Pooyesh darou, Cinnagen, Pasteur institute of Iran, Aryogen biopharma, and Aryatinagen produce active ingredients of drugs, and formulate biopharmaceuticals. Iranian biopharma companies will be able to produce more and better biopharmaceuticals in near future.