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Citrus aurantium L is rich of flavonoids, many flavones, volatile compounds and monoterpenes hydrocarbons. Orange blossom extract has antioxidant and antimicrobial features. In Iranian traditional medicine, orange blossom is known as a comforting and sleep booster plant. According to disrupt and side effects of chemicals and its high costs, the use of herbs in the prevention and treatment of bacterial factors is very important, also different extracts and biological and pharmaceutical properties on the bacteria species were studied by sink and micro dilution methods. Extraction was done with aqueous methanol and acetone solvents using percolation method and then were dried. Different concentrations were prepared from concentrated extracts for disc diffusion and MIC. The results showed that the antimicrobial properties of acetone extract are better than methanol and water extracts by micro dilution method on Klebseilla and the related MIC is 100 mg/ml. The average diameter of inhibition zone was 11.33 mm. Methanol extracts had better activity on E.coli. The related MBC and average diameter were 150 mg/ml and 12 mm, respectively. Orange blossom showed antibacterial effects for higher concentration of methanol and acetone.