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Myometrial contractions have important role in physiological processes such as sperm and embryo transport, implantation, uterus retraction and reducing post-partum hemorrhage. Quercus infectoria (Aleppo oak) is well-known since ancient times as an astringent agent. In the present study, the cumulative effect of the aqueous extract of Quercus. infectoria gall (Qig) on the frequency, strength and basic uterine smooth muscle contractility of virgin rats were studied and its contractile effect compared to acetylcholine. This experimental study was carried out on 12 strips taken from the middle part of the uterine of rats (wistar, weight 200-250 g). In the experiments, the cumulative effect of the aqueous extract of Qig on the activity of rat uterine muscle was studied. The cumulative effect of different concentrations of the aqueous extract of Qig significantly increased the contractile response of uterine smooth muscle in a dose-dependent manner. This effect was less than the acetylcholine effect. The aqueous extract of Qig could have potentials for the treatment of disorders associated with low myometrial contractions such as post-partum hemorrhages. In this study, we have proved the high potential of the Qig extract on phasic contraction activity of rat uterus and also the effective dose of extract was identified.