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Male infertility related to diabetes is under investigation to find a proper therapeutic strategy with minimal side effects. Using Nigella sativa as a supplementary agent could be helpful. This study was designed to know Nigella sativa effect on hormone profiles and histology of diabetes type II model. 40 male rats (250-300 g) were divided into four groups which diabetic rats received 200 and 400 mg/kg extract of Nigella sativa for 90 days. The male hormones profiles, weight and the histopathological configuration were analyzed at end of study. Nigella sativa improved the hormones profile in experimental groups. Also, the number of germinal epithelium increased in experimental groups following Nigella sativa administration. Although, therapeutic effects of Nigella sativa are promising; several preclinical and clinical trials are necessary to optimize its proper dose and time in remedy of male infertility.