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The clinical studies proved the antimicrobial synergistic effect of probiotic bacteria and medicinal plants. In addition, this synergic effect can help to maintain food and prevent food corruption. There are plenty of pharmaceutical-probiotic products in the world and offering the same products in Iran is necessary. As Iran is the origin of variant medicinal plants that are used in Iranian conventional medicine, in this review, the synergistic effects of each one alone and with each other evaluated. The proposed mechanisms demonstrated that the oil essence part of plants and bacteriocins in probiotic bacteria, played the main synergistic role. Also, in this study, the synergistic effects of Iranian medicinal plants and probiotic bacteria assessed. It showed that some medicinal plants and probiotic bacteria would be able to have an adequate synergistic effect. Hence, using them in food and hygiene industries could reduce microbial contamination and improve society health.