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Siger rice has a very high amylose. The high amylose in Siger rice caused the amylose came out from the starch granules during the cooking process and release the water when it was cold until the rice became hard. This research aimed to measure the content of Siger rice from sticky cassava, using a single short screw extruder. The research results showed that the addition of water had significant effect on texture, color, taste, flavour of Siger rice. Addition of 30 % water produced the best sensory properties with texture score of 2.79 (same like white rice), color is 3.27 (slightly yellowish-white), taste and flavour is 3.35 (rather-like). This Siger rice contained water content 9.81 %, ash 0.47 %, protein 2.13 %, fat 0.90 %, crude fiber 4.79 %, carbohydrate 81.90 %, glycemic index 29, and HCN 17 mg/kg. The results show that the content of Siger rice was acceptable, safe and very good for diabetics.