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The aim of this paper is to study the pathogenesis, significant biomarkers and treatment strategies in ovarian cancer. Because of poor prognosis, ovarian cancer is usually diagnosed in final stages and although the first phase of treatment and chemotherapy usually seems to be a nice therapeutic approach but after a while, in many cases the disease will return. There are several biomarkers in order to diagnose the ovarian cancer but nowadays the combination of CA125 and HE4 are used and Pelvic examinations and diagnostic sonographies can also help early detection. Some factors such as using contraception pills, breastfeeding, early menopause and proper nutrition can decrease the risk of being involved with this malignancy, but instead late menopause, due to increasing the number of ovulation cycle, and also smoking tobacco can increase the risk of this disease. Several medicines are used to improve the inhibition of angiogenesis chemotherapy such as: bevacizumab and cediranib.