Medicinal sciences
Evaluation of the pattern of COVID-19 infection in hospital staff in Iran

Ali Dehghani Ahmadabad; Zohreh AkhoundiMeybodi; Ehsan Rezaeinejad

Volume 6, Issue 4 , March 2023, , Pages 14-24

  Health-care workers are one of the most at-risk groups in Covid-19 pandemic. The aim of this study was to investigate the pattern of Covid-19 among hospital employees. Among the participants there were 58 % nurses, 12 % physicians, 26 % other wards paraclinical and 4 % service personnel. ...  Read More

Comparison of surgical site infection using active and passive surveillance methods in two months

Zohreh AkhoundiMeybodi; Mohammad Sharifyazdi; Reyhane Shaterian; bijan jafarnia; kazem ansari

Volume 6, Issue 2 , September 2022, , Pages 52-63

  The aim of this study was to compare active and passive surveillance methods. This descriptive cross-sectional study was conducted on 296 patients who were admitted to Shahid Sadoughi hospital in Yazd from 2018 to 2020. Surveillance for signs of Surgical Site Infection (SSI) was done using passive (via ...  Read More

Medicinal sciences
Prevalence and impact of coagulation dysfunction in patients with COVID-19 in Yazd

Zohreh AkhoundiMeybodi; Maryam Dehghan; Seyed Alireza Mousavi; Mahmood Vakili; Noor Foroghi nasab; Seyed Hossein shahcheraghi; Mahdie Hamidfar; Faezehsadat Heidari; bijan jafarnia; kazem ansari

Volume 6, Issue 1 , June 2022, , Pages 53-61

  Covid-19 patients have coagulation complications resulting in poor prognosis. Therefore, this study aimed to investigate the prevalence of coagulation disorders in patients with Covid-19 admitted to Shahid Sadoughi Hospital in Yazd. This study was a cross-sectional study that all patients admitted with ...  Read More